The Process

'Free-No Obligation Onsite Evaluation'

We provide a free, no obligation, onsite evaluation to determine the best plan for your items at auction.

Once we have determined the best plan for your items, we begin our selling process:

  1. A contract will be signed by both parties, detailing costs. (Note: there are no upfront costs)
  2. Our professional staff will begin merchandizing your items to begin the cash recovery for your items.
  3. High quality pictures and descriptions of your items will be taken.
  4. Your items will go live online for our extensive bidder base to bid on.
  5. A comprehensive targeted marketing campaign will begin for your items.
  6. A viewing day is held to allow bidders to examine your items in-person.
  7. Auction begins closing on a scheduled evening where bidders place their final bids.
  8. Auction pick-up: Proceeds from the auction are collected and bidders pick up their won items.
  9. You are provided a settlement statement showing what each item sold for and a outline of cost covered in contract, along with a check from 2 Rivers Auctions for the items you sold.

All we ask of you from the beginning to the end is that you put your trust in us, so that we can take care of you!